Taiki Nagatomo 1988.1.25  Japan Hokkaido Sapporo

I took nature photos in Japan Hokkaido. Many of my photos are alpine flower, wildlife and landscape.I always went to Mt. Daisetsu National Parks in Hokkaido while staying in my tent .My first time visiting ANWR (Arctic Nationl Wildlife Refuge)  in Alaska was in 2018. Although I'd like to continue to take a photo of Mt.Daisetsu in Hokkaido Japan , I am planning to take photos of wildlife such as caribou migration and wolves following it, visiting ANWR every year from now on. I want to be a photographer who can  always stay in nature to take photos and tell people the beauty of nature and the present situation.

長友泰樹(ながともたいき) 1988125日 香川で生まれ札幌で育つ




ニッコールフォトコンテスト:u-31部門 入選2回


Nature’s Best Photography Asia:Finalist等